Sunday, February 24, 2013

Notepad Bag Tutorial

I wanted something different for one of our Team swaps and came up with this to dress up an A7 note pad.

I used an A4 sheet of Pretty in Pink paper.  I cut 2 x Top Note dies then used the largest Window Frames Collection Framelits dies to cut the shape (bottom right)
I cut three flowers from Boho Blossom punch
I used Dotted Scallop Ribbon border punch to cut the length seen on the top of the sheet.
I then cut a 55mm x 70mm rectangle

I scored two vertical lines, seen below at either side of the top and bottom points.  I then cut off these points as seen in the following picture

I then embossed the central scored area and the right hand side using perfect polkadots folder.  Take care not to line up the dots on the score lines as this tends to damage the paper

I trimmed off the top edge of the Top Notes Dies shapes (marked in pencil below)

This left hand image shows where to emboss and the right hand image shows the Hearts folder from Adorning Accents folders in place and ready to emboss.  Note that only one of these shapes was embossed - this is the front of the bag.

The rectangle was scored as below to form the hinge.  I then fancied up one of the long sides using Scallop Trim Border Punch

Heres the dimensions of an A7 notepad

The spine and hinge are on the Left (for right handed people).  I glued where the hatching is and attached to the back of the notepad

The plain Top Note shape was then glued to the back of the notepad.  The Frame shape was then glued as shown with the hatching (the area not embossed) and attached to the back of the Top Note Die.  The second Top Note shape with the embossing was then glued to the hinge

The handle was then adhered with red tape as a continuous circle under and the flap of the handbag lid. This makes it look really neat and tidy. (Thanks for the tip Chris!) The two smaller flowers were fixed to the front of the bag with a mini brad to hold the lid down.  The larger flower is then glued to cover the back of the brad

Heres the note pad open


  1. I have put a link back to this posting from my blog for anyone who wants this tutorial Cheryl.

  2. Thanks Kate. I hope people enjoy making it as much as I did.

    C x

  3. It is so damn cute, thanks for the tutorial. xx

  4. Thanks. It's nice to know I'm not talking to myself.

    C x

  5. I love the one that I received Cheryl thank you. And a great tutorial - really clear to follow.

    Sara xx

  6. Thanks. I love making these. They would be great for fundraising.

    C x

  7. Excellent tutorial Cheryl. I loved making it - thank you so much xx