Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Chicks

Sorry, I got interrupted, had to sign off to do some work. Now where were we....? Oh yes, fluffed up they come

A female Cream Legbar chick is much darker and has a sharp stripe pattern down her back. Here she is at about 24 hours old. Just coming out of the incy and into the brooder.

And here is one of her brothers.

Can you see how much paler he is? He doesn't have such a sharp stripe pattern down his back and he has a pale spot on the back of his head.

Here they are in the brooder a few days old. The chicks are 'born' with fluff (down) not feathers. You can just see the chicks wing feathers starting to grow if you look close.

 I will leave it there. I don't want to give you all chickeny overload! I will be back with more cards very soon.

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  1. They are so very cute, I want to hatch some more I'm rather jelous ... I was supposted to be looking at your cards but I got distracted.